How to deal with hypertension?

How to deal with hypertension?

What is hypertension? This Latin word means increased pressure. Meaning high blood pressure. The signs of high blood pressure are not so obvious. This is what makes hypertension so dangerous. Silent prolonged high blood pressure may cause significant damage to your organs.

Doctors measure blood pressure using sphygmomanometer - a device with an inflatable cuff.
The pressure is reported as systolic pressure over diastolic pressure.

Often it is important to measure pressure in sitting and standing position. Also measuring pressure in both legs and arms can give valuable information. The upper limit of normal pressure is considered 140/90 mm Hg. Sometime when patients are very scared or agitated, their blood pressure can go up. So, doctors recommend to remeasure blood pressure usually in a week twice, to say for sure that the pressure is truly increased.

How to prevent and treat high blood pressure?

About 10% of hypertension is a consequence of other diseases. The rest 90% has name essential hypertension. That means that there is no clear reason, it happens spontaneously. In any case it is wise to see your doctor regularly to catch early signs of increased blood pressure. Often people have genetical predisposition for hypertension, so it is difficult to avoid it completely, however you can slow down significantly the progression of the disease.

Use the following methods:

*Avoid salty diet
*Avoid high-fat diet
*Quit smoking
*Decrease body weight
*Avoid alcohol use
*Follow your doctors recommendations. It is easier to treat the low-grade hypertension than a fully developed one.



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